New Eastern Internation Company

NEI is a supplier of numerous chemicals and allied products, which have been exported to Asia and Europe countries for many years. We supply various Adhesives such as PUR hotemelt adhesive, UV adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesive,etc for automobile, electronics, textile, flex circuit manufacturing, Special package industry, travel vehicles industry and so on.

We also supply materials for paint, ink and adhesive, such as various resins and auxiliaries, high polymer additives, as Antioxidant, UV light stabilizer, Photoinitiator, Optical brightener,etc. Our commercial team is for the most part formed by graduated and specialized professionals, including some with Master Degrees in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering; this allow us to offer a good technical support to our clients. And we offer the top quality products with the Best Service at Competitive Price. It is our will and determination to make every effort to help our customers to succeed. Being an outstanding distributor of various chemicals from Taiwan, we will do our best when technical support is necessary. We believed our company can become your reliable partner.